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      Welcome to xinji Xibo chemical co., LTD Web site. 中文版 | ENGLISH
      Precipitated barium sulfate
      Sheet sodium sulfide
      Other products
      Sales manager: Amy Shang
      TEL: 0086-15176971949
      Tel: 0086-0311-80805555
      Fax: 0086-311-83358555
      website: www.zeegaree.com
      Address: Xinji City, Hebei Province, cleaning chemical park

        Entrepreneurial Spirit:Unity Diligence Honesty Innvation
        Business objective: Based on hebei, Radiate throughout the country, Face the world
        Quality philosophy:Meet customer requirements continual improvement
        Enterprise style:Advance with the times Dare to be the first
        Enterprise purpose:Technology Innovation, management Innovation, Benefit Innovation

      We cherish the market built by perspiretion
      The every victory gained by diligence
      We are never sentimentally attached and wander at applause and never hesitate
      We make it the motive force to go forward
      Step by step, keep advancing, surpass ourselves!
      Copyright 2010-2011 XinJi city Xibo chemical co., LTD. All Rights Reserved.
      Address: The Xinji City Clean Chemical Industry Park Tel:0086-0311-80805555 Fax:0086-0311-83358555
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